Samsung ST10 Compact Camera

Compact cameras have already gone far in terms of features. Some have 3D capability, dual screens or ultra zoom lenses. But one aspect that could be forgotten is how compact should a point and shoot camera get.

This Samsung ST10 means business when it comes to offering loads of features at dimensions that is light on the pocket. It has dimensions of 91x60x19mm and just weighs 124g. The slim profile is also kept at that measurement even when taking pictures since it doesn’t use telescopic lenses but rather use inner zoom lens that doesn’t extend. This is also similar to “fashion cameras” of the Sony T series digital cameras. But this feature comes at the expense of just having 3x optical zoom where other point and shoot started offering 4x, 5x, or even 8x optical zoom. This is however compensated by another 3x digital zoom; giving a total of 9x zoom. But really, if you will just use this camera to take pictures of you and your friends while having fun in the bar, optical zoom wouldn’t be much needed.

Noteworthy features are Smart Touch AF, Touch LCD with haptics, and multimedia function. Most of the operations are done by touching icons in the screen where a slight vibration will give you a feedback much like touching a real button. Just touch your subject in the screen and the Smart Touch AF will make sure that you will get a clear image. In case that you get bored, this camera can play mp3 files, mp4 videos, and even txt files.

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