Samsung NX10 – A Step towards DSLR Evolution

The last 2010 Consumer Electronics Show gave birth to a lot of new and interesting gadgets; it’s almost like the Primordial Soup for consumer electronics. But like evolution, not are all born butterflies or swans, there are gadgets destined to compete to be on top of the food chain. CES showed that photography and cameras are a major part of the consumer electronics industry. Enthusiasts and regular household still wants higher megapixel and the latest features like GPS, face detection, information tagging and touch screen display. As a result, cameras try to out evolve each other to get the lion’s share of the market and this time Samsung and their new NX10 next generation camera might be the next alpha male. For starters, this latest camera from Samsung features a smart and fast auto focus, large 14.6 MP APS-C size CMOS, pop-up flash, electronic viewfinder and a bright 3.0” AMOLED screen. The NX10 also supports 720p HD video recording in H.264 format.

What sets the Samsung NX10 apart from other DLSRs? Since Samsung NX10 features a mirror-less design; it is smaller, lighter and more compact than other SLRs. The mirror-less lens are completely interchangeable but it comes with a catch – Samsung opted for a proprietary K-mount for the lenses but word is, that there will be an available adapter. With the NX10, professional photographers can enjoy all the benefits of a full featured SLR without the extra weight. The other unique feature is Samsung NX10’s AMOLED screen which promises less power consumption coupled with faster refresh rates.

Other cameras like the Samsung GX-10 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Schneider D-XENON Lens can be found here.

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