Samsung IceTouch and MyFit – Another Reason Why 2010 Rocks!

Truly the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show was a cesspool for new and interesting gadgets like swamp-pit-grown Komodo dragons’ dribble is to microbes. It’s the event techies dreamt about for months and will be dreaming about every night thereafter. Audiophiles and casual consumers who wanted simple audio solutions to mirror their lifestyle found out that two of Samsung‘s upcoming audio products this year will be worth the entire wait. The first of the two is the Samsung IceTouch portable media player which features the industry’s first one way transparency AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) touch-screen display. The smooth AMOLED screen is very durable and virtually scratch-proof thanks to the dual-injection molding process and tempered glass construction. Aside from the unique 2-inch screen, IceTouch features a faster CPU, a proprietary TouchWiz Sweep interface, 5.1-channel sound technology and automatic audio level adjustment. It also supports FLAC and MP3HD codecs which is definitely a big plus for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

The second product is the Samsung MyFit music player. It features wellness management technology with body fat and stress level measurements made for the health buff consumers. Samsung MyFit has a world’s first built-in fat and stress sensors situated on the top of the player, a wellness and exercise management applications and an accelerometer with calorie tracker. On the media player side, MyFit features a DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology and a Tapping Control Jogging mode.

Both the IceTouch and MyFit will be offered in 8GB and 16GB capacity on the first half of 2010. More Samsung Touch Screen MP3 players here.

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  1. My cousin actually went to CES 2010 as a photographer and saw those two players. He suggested me MyFit cuz I’m on diet right now, lol. Actually he thought those two players are pretty innovative products and have good audio qualities too. Because he’s not touch-screen type of guy, he liked MyFit better but I’m amazed with IceTouch more through the photos that he took at the show. Transparent screen looks really cool and that’s more for young people style, I guess. I’ll leave the web address of both images at CES 2010, so u guys can take a look. (Not the one my cousin took tho, he didn’t give me the address 🙁 )

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