Rotary Style Faucet

Earth Hour was started in Sydney, Australia to save energy in an effort to delay the degradation of the environment. While many theorists say that the Earth has been damaged too great to be immediately healed, there is still a little bit hope for improvement. Solving the global warming problem is the key issue, but water conservation is also another thing to tackle. There is only so much of clean water that using it indiscriminately is very wasteful. You’ll be lucky to have clean water running from your faucet as there are a lot around the world who have to walk miles just to get something to drink.

While we cannot ignore the fact that we have been spoiled by the modern society, steps have been taken to conserve water. You see water free urinals (for men at least) and those push button taps that only spurts enough water and nothing else! The solution? This creatively designed rotary dial style faucet.

Much like your grandmother’s old rotary telephone, this has 3 dials that indicate the duration of the water flow. You have 5 seconds for a quick rinse, 10 seconds if your hands has lots of soap suds, or 15 seconds when you have a dirty set of hands. Another plus is the waterfall type of outflow which looks good by the way.

The per second based water flow isn’t sure to really reduce water consumption. However, it is still good to think that there are designers out there who brainstorm on how current technologies can be implemented in a variety of ways.

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