Rock Your World with Guitar Rockstar

Like all heroes (with the exception of Tony Stark or Ironman), rock stars are made, not born. Now even the most musically inept rock band guitarist wannabe can pull of amazing rifts and crowd roaring guitar solos to get a taste of the rock and roll stardom – anywhere and anytime. All thanks to the new Guitar Rockstar portable guitar neck and headstock of the electric guitar. Playing with this new device is way cooler than just playing with imaginary guitar midair and banging your head like a lunatic since there are two modes to choose from, either go for the 8 pre-programmed rock songs to strum along with or go for free play mode. The Guitar Rockstar features infrared beams to pick up strumming motions that work seamlessly with the chords, flat and sharp buttons to create your own free play guitar masterpiece. That’s not all. You can also go for personal listening or all out loud jamming by connecting the Guitar Rockstar to an amp or headphones using the included speaker and audio jacks.

Best of all, the Guitar Rockstar is very portable, whenever you need to relax, kick back and play a tune; all you need to do is pull out this advanced air guitar and start strumming or rocking your heart out. This air guitar only weighs around a quarter of a kilo and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Buy it here.

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