Rock, Scissors and Paper JamZ Drums!

There is the heart pumping drum beats and solos of drum legends, the sky high rock Band Drum Set top scores and perfect combo of Guitar Hero fan boys, the hushed bored tapping of pencils on the desk and shoes on the floor, and finally there’s something in between – the new Paper JamZ Drum. If mere beating of an old can or hitting dead air and imaginary air drums are not your thing, but you don’t want a bulky drum set, then you’ll definitely like the new Paper Jamz.
The Paper Jamz Drums is made of several very whack-able and playable drums that enable you to play over integrated classic yet classy songs. You can even join in with your Paper JamZ Guitar totting friends for a full band rock jam. Jam along with your Paper JamZ friends and form a paper and cardboard band! Organizing and playing your own concert just got a whole lot more affordable and portable. There are three songs per drum kit and some of the licensed songs are ‘What I Like About You’, ‘Born To Be Wild’, ‘Mississippi Queen’, ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘You Really Got Me’, ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ and ‘Godzilla’, ‘All Star’, ‘Hey There Delilah’, ‘Helicopter’, ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Take It To The Limit’.

The main features of the Paper JamZ Drum are:

• Touch-sensitive drums you can tap or strike with your hands.
• Composed of several different drums.
• Integrated speakers.
• Freestyle mode.
• Line out for headphones and amplifier.

Get your own Paper JamZ Drums here.

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