RetroN 3: New Console for Classic Games

No matter how expert you consider yourself when it comes to the games you play in your PSP today, chances are you still have some fondness left for the games you used to play back when the term PSP has not yet been heard of. When you go through all the stuff hidden in the attic of your home, you may still find one or two controller, or other smaller hardware reminiscent of the classic games you used to play way back. How would you love to relive those moments? Well, that’s easy with the RetroN 3 video gaming system!

The RetroN 3 is a game console that can play all the old games from the three major classic gaming systems: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Genesis. It has three cartridge slots and it features six ports (two for each console) that will allow you to use your original controllers to play games. Or, if you don’t have them with you anymore, there’s no need to worry because the console comes with two wireless controls similar to the old Genesis game pads to give you the original feel. Meanwhile, the output is through S-video or composite AV.

The Retron 3 Video Game System for NES, SNES and Genesis games comes in red and black color choices. It’s very affordable, too, being offered only at a little below $70. With this gaming console, you can enjoy hardcore retro gaming just like when you were younger. How’d you like saying hi to the Classic Super Mario, eh?

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