Retro Robot Money Bank: A Cool Way to Save

Are you having a hard time teaching your child how to save money? The Retro Robot Money Bank can help you motivate your kid to spare some coins to save. What’s this new money bank and how can it help you instill the value of saving to your child?

Well, the Retro Robot Money Bank is a toy and a money bank in one. As its name implies, it’s a toy robot. But, more than that, it has a slot on its head and a space within its body that can accommodate your child’s savings. Its coolness alone is enough to entice your kid, but wait until the child hears the robot talk! Every time your child drops a coin through the slot on its head, the robot will say “Thanks for your saving.” Well, your child would surely love dropping a few coins every now and then just to hear the robot’s voice! Other than this, the robot can also keep track of the amount of money inside it, showing that amount on a display on its chest. So, your child knows how much he has already saved. Plus, if your kid is aiming for a particular amount, then you can ask him to input that amount. As your kid continues to drop coins, he can see how he’s doing when it comes to reaching his goal as the progress bar on the robot advances.

With this cool Retro Robot Money Bank at your side, teaching your kid how to save will be easier. Simply power this robot with 2 AAA batteries and you’re all set!

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