RedEye Laser Putter for Accurate Putts

If you’re a golf aficionado, putting the ball into the hole could be the hardest part of the game. This is when your eagle can turn into a birdie, into a par and towards a bad score. You could improve your score by practicing on your putt mat but that wouldn’t help you easily – what can help you is laser technology. You see, lasers are used for the accurate straight line that it produces and it is time to put that into your own benefit.

The RedEye Laser Putter shows you where you’re aiming at. This way, you always get to see how to putt accurately. You might think that this is cheating on your practice and won’t help you a lot when it comes to the real game. But there is such thing called as muscle memory. This muscle memory is the sort of automaticity of your actions like when you’re about to make a turn on the corner of your street when you’re driving, you always do it almost the same time every time. By practicing with the RedEye, your body gets to remember what it is to putt accurately.

Research of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Sports Innovation shows that only 15% of golfers accurately aim at the hole with their putter six feet away! You could be one of the 85% who doesn’t aim right at the hole. With the RedEye, you could improve your putts by up to 630%!

Right putt every time with the RedEye Golf i330 Right-Handed Laser Putting System.

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