Razer Spectre – No Mercy, No Excuse

Not all mice are at the bottom of the food chain. Others are born to be predators like the Razer Spectre StarCraft II edition gaming mouse. Since it is exclusively crafted for StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, expect precise strokes and easy control for an RTS with the integrated finger-grip, ultra-large non-slip five button of the mouse. It guarantees this kind of experience either you are Protoss, Terran or Zerg. The Razer Spectre is lightweight, uses a 5600 DPI Laser Sensor, and has 200 inches per second and 50g of acceleration. With this fusion, nothing can be exciting in a real gaming action when it’s all about mind-set tactics, and speed. It also has 16-bit ultra-wide data path and 1000Hz polling / 1ms response which is 8 times faster than any standard gaming mouse.

Other major features of the Razer Spectre are button force adjustment that works by optimizing the force on the left click button depending on your preference. By tweaking the desired balance between speed and control, you can get the most for your unit micromanagement and Action-Per-Minute. There is also APM-Lighting System that allows monitoring of your APM as well as game alerts in real-time with a range of customizable colors and visual feedback. The rest include always-on mode, zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet, gold-plated USB connector, and braided 7 foot USB cable.

Purchase Razer StarCraft mouse here.

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