Razer BlackWidow: The First Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer, it seems, is planning to cover every computer peripheral – making its own version of each, with every version specifically catering to the increasing demands of gamers. Last time it was a headphone; today it’s a new keyboard – the Razer BlackWidow.

The BlackWidow is dubbed as the first mechanical keyboard for gaming, and it has great features – from precise actuation to five levels of backlighting. The specialists at Razer have incorporated the precision of a mouse click into each key on the keyboard. And what does this mean? This means no tap is wasted. Every tap is actuated and you don’t waste any effort on your part. Plus, the keyboard has the lightest actuation force. You don’t have to exert that much force just to be sure that the key will respond, so it’s perfect in a gaming environment where everything is done fast and where split seconds make the difference. The Razer BlackWidow also allows for quick macro recording and profile switching (up to 10 profiles) while you play – no distractions needed because you only have to pay attention to a couple of keys. And lastly, this keyboard will allow you to play in whatever condition with its backlit keys. You get five levels of lighting, so you can conquer your enemies even in the darkest environment.

When you choose the gaming mode on the keyboard, the Windows key is deactivated. So, you get countless hours of gaming with no disturbance. Already available by pre-order, the Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Full Retail US Layout is all you need for the ultimate gaming experience.

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