Practice your Drumming with the V-Beat Drums

There are lots of guys out there who dreamed of being a drummer. However, only a few can make or have made their fantasies come true. It can be because they don’t have enough bucks to purchase a real drum set or their house just don’t have enough space for such musical instrument. Some also consider their neighbors who might be irritated by the sound of their drums. If these are your reasons for not being able to lay down some heavy grooves, then you better jump for joy now. The new V-Beat Drums is here to allow frustrated drummers like you to lay down some rhythms.

With this musical wonder, you can let it all out in the comforts of your own bedroom minus the hassles and the cost of having a real drum kit. It works pretty similar, though. The V-Beat Air Drum comes with two motion sensitive sticks that are connected to an electronic hub via wire. You simply need to hit the air and the hub senses where the sticks would be in a real-life drum set. You can even experience how it’s like to have a pair of foot sensors for bass drum or hi-hat action. You just have to attach them to your shoes and kick away.

The brain or hub features various sound styles, pre-programmed rhythms, and instructive guided learning feature. In addition to the three pre-loaded memories that you can jam along are the free-play mode and fill-in mode.

Get the remarkable V-Beat Drums from this website and start givin’ it some kick!

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