PowerColor Eyefinity 5 HD5770 1GB GDDR5 – The Power of Five

In Norse Mythology, the cosmos is made of 9 circular disks like realms; the most prominent would be Asgard or the realm of the gods, Midgard – home of the humans, and the Niflheim or hell, the world of cold and endless death. Using the quick review of the Viking lore as reference, you can easily understand where the new PowerColor Eyefinity 5 HD5770 stands in the midst of the endless list of new and rivaling graphic cards. This down to Earth model is definitely a denizen of Midgard; it has middle entry specs but has the potential to rise above the rest and be ranked one of the best mid-level cards out there.

Like a brave warrior that’s ready to give it all in the battlefield, the PoweColor Radeon HD 5770 have is armed to the teeth with the latest battle-ready features from ATI that includes: 1GB GDDR5 of video memory, a raw core speed of 850MHz, 1200MHz Memory Speed, 128 bit memory bandwidth and finally – native support for ATI’s proprietary Eyefinity technology, CrossFireX and the latest DirectX 11 for the next generation games. Whereas other ATI cards are only capable of three displays in a single card, PowerColor Eyefinity 5 HD5770 pushes ATI’s Eyefinity technology even further – it can easily control and reign in up to FIVE display outputs in a SINGLE card. Using the integrated 5 x mini Display Port you can seamlessly hook up to 5 monitors for that ultimate immersive gaming experience. The new PoweColor 5770 might not be a high-end Aesir class video card, but it is a mean hardware worthy of Valhalla.

If you want something higher, you can view the Radeon HD 5870 here..

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