Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses: For More Enjoyable Movie-Watching Experiences!

Are you amazed at those 3D glasses that they lend to you when you watch a movie in a cinema house? Well, you can now bring the 3D experience right to your home! Introducing the Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses! Designed for movie enthusiasts in mind, these glasses have all the features that will make your movie-watching experiences more enjoyable.

So, what do you get from these 3D glasses? First, you get clear vision with no distortion and other forms of irregularities, thanks to the Thermofusion technology used in the construction of the said glasses. Second, you get circular polarized lenses that will ensure optimum comfort as you wear the glasses – with no squinting and straining that can cause eye fatigue. Third, this comfort is further enhanced with the glasses’ lightweight construction. So, you can wear them for a long time without having to endure a heavy weight lodged on the nook of your ears. Fourth, you get an extended field of vision. Fifth, you enjoy durability and reliability with the high-quality construction of the glasses. And sixth, you even get UV protection when you use them outdoors (NOTE: do so for only a short period of time). And if you wear lenses, there’s also a wide array of choices for you: 3D cover styles that will match all types of optical frame.

So if you want a more enjoyable 3D experience in your regular late-night movie watching with your family, then the NEW Sealed – (Knock off not RealD) 3-D Polarized Glasses is the perfect addition to having more fun.

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