Pogoplug Biz – Online File Sharing Made Easy

Have you been looking for an easy way to share your files and multimedia with all your clients over the Internet? Now your long search is over! With the Pogoplug Biz, you now have the perfect solution to your needs. This device has a special set of business features which will let you smoothly represent your company logo, brand, and domain name while at the same time sharing big amount of content with your bosses, co-employees, and clients.

The Pogoplug Biz has usage statistic and auditing features which allow you to quickly access a summary of the number of times a particular folder or file has been viewed, downloaded, or streamed. For those who want to give their stuff a more customized look, the Pogoplug Biz has wide range of customization features, enabling you to personalize the logo, color, domain, name, and background image of the emails that are sent automatically when you share files. You can also claim your own email addresses and let your clients’ email files to your Pogoplug. Printing from any kind of mobile device is also possible. Just connect your printer to Pogoplug and presto!

Photographers, designers, and other creative professionals will sure love Pogoplug Biz’ web-view only sharing. With such feature, you can share viewable files in the Internet with the assurance that they can’t be downloaded. It can also accommodate multiple users so you can allot space for your clients and coworkers without asking them to buy their own PogoPlug. This device is compatible with Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Palm, and Android. Check out the availability of Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device at Amazon and get yours now.

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