Pocket Radar – How Fast Can You Go?

In every human endeavor, work, hobby or sports where the units KPH and MPH appear, you know one thing is for certain – it’s all about speed. Concerns like “How fast was the pitch?”, “How fast was the serve?” and “How fast was the car going?” are just some of the questions often raised by those who aren’t on the receiving end of a fast moving object or behind the steering wheel, and of course the Highway Patrol. All the answers can be found within a touch of button, thanks to the all new Pocket Radar. It combined palm-sized ultra portable design with highly advanced speed radar technology. This speed radar is small enough easily fit into a shirt pocket yet as powerful as the unwieldy professional radar guns. The secret lies within the re-designed microwave and antenna hardware that uses Doppler radar signal recognition and processing system. With the help of a unique digital signal processing algorithms and high-tech smart target acquisition techniques, Pocket Radar can measure the speed of moving objects in real time and with pinpoint accuracy up to 1 mile per hour. This cool gadget’s compact yet powerful design is a complete antithesis to the general bulky and heavy radar gun you use to see in sports competition or races.

The Pocket Radar’s point and shoot functionality made it easier to use and faster to setup for everyday Joe and professional alike. To makes things even simpler, one set of AAA batteries can last 10,000 speed measurements.

Pocket Radar will be offered this spring but other radar detectors are available here.

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