Play in Style with the New Sony Gaming Headsets

When it comes to gaming, players need not only rely on their vision but on their sense of hearing as well. Since hearing your opponents may spell the difference from docking left to being a left over, the new stylish USB gaming headsets from Sony might just tilt the battle tide on your favor. These three gaming grade headsets may not be named after water dwelling predators but they could pretty hold much on their own; their charm lies on their performance, style and cool design.

The first is the alpha male of the three, the Sony DR-350USB. This comfortable open air type headset features a powerful 30mm driver unit, integrated microphone and a handy removable voice tube. Furthermore, it also has a microphone muting function and a built-in USB noise reduction. The Sony DR-350USB will be available in the colors Black, Gold, and Red.

The second headset is the DR-320DPV which is basically a scale down version of the DR-350USB without the noise cancelling and mute function. Instead, it has a regular volume control and is available in Gold, Blue, Red, and Black. The third and final entry is the DR-310DPV, the lightest and chic version of the three gaming headsets. It comes in a comfy lightweight headband design perfect for prolonged gaming. It features the same 30mm driver unit found on the other two models with an addition of an embedded in-line mic. The DR-310DPV is available in the following chic colors: Pink, White, Silver and Green.

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