Philips GoGear Connect: Experiencing Android in an MP4

The first MP4 with the Android is here! Philips has already launched the GoGear Connect, taking your MP4 experience notches higher with plenty of advanced features that will make you go “ooh!” with delight! With the GoGear Connect, you can do a lot more with your MP4!

  1. Listen to your favorite music without the noise around interfering with your music experience, all thanks to the gadget’s sound isolation earphones!
  2. Experience full immersion into your audio – music or movie – with Philip’s FullSound technology and Surround for Movies.
  3. Shoot videos and pictures with the MP4’s built-in camera.
  4. Sync music from your PC without any trouble with the Philips Songbird program.
  5. Store more of your music, movies, and other apps with its MicroSD card slot.
  6. Enjoy a wide array of Android apps! There are more than 100,000 applications available for download from the Android Market.
  7. Use all the features and applications in your MP4 simultaneously (listen to your favorite music while you use the gadget’s other applications) – that’s possible with Android!

All of the features of the Philips GoGear Connect, you can enjoy from the device’s 3.2-inch touch screen. It measures 128 grams, just right for carrying around with you.

The said MP4 will be on offer starting the end of October – in USA, Western Europe, and China. As of now, many other MP4 from Philips are already available. You’ll find a wide array of Philips MP4 at Amazon, and the new GoGear Connect will surely be a welcome addition to Philips’ line.

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