Perfect Portions Nutrition Scale – The Geeky Companion for the Weight Watchers

Nutrition is a science and when it comes to science – that’s the geeks department. Geeks can create, invent, fiddle and fix some pretty complicated stuff, they even sent man to the moon, and how hard can it be to lose weight especially if they have the new Perfect Portions Nutrition Scale. This honest device will display how much calories are there in the big bad bacon laden cheeseburger or that fat juicy T-bone steak you are staring and hungrily drooling at.

It’s a weighing scale and nutritional calculator combined into one. It is one of the most accurate and simple nutritional scales on the market because it uses the nutrition label most of you are probably familiar with. With about 2000 foods stored in its database and extra room for 99 more custom foods, you can easily monitor your calories, carbohydrates, salt, cholesterol, and more with just a few simple clicks.
The scale is made with an elegant easy to clean hygienic touchpad keys and glass-top surface that places the platform, display, and keys into just one clean surface. The Perfect Portions Scale changes and simplifies the way you view food scales for portion control and weight management.

Other product specifications are:

• Measuring Units: g and oz (lb, oz)
• Capacity: 10lb / 5kg
• Resolution: .1oz / 1g
• Dimensions: 9.25″ x 1″ x 6″
• Batteries: 2AA, included

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