Penguin United Eagle Eye Converter – IMHO Just IMBA!

Admit it, console game controllers aren’t made to command and rule an army much more dominate first person shooter games. It’s not that handheld controllers are bad, it’s just that they don’t feel quite right especially on strategy and shooter games. It requires a lot of time getting used to before you can score a perfect headshot or time that duck, roll and shoot maneuver. And the sad part is, some of the most anticipated and popular FPS’s are released on console platforms like the PS3. Bummer. Not quite gamers-thanks to Penguin United and their Eagle Eye Converter, you don’t have to wait for the PC release of your favorite PS3 shooter games. Not to be confused with a certain murderous super computer, the Eagle Eye allows you to turn your USB mouse and keyboard into a PS3 controller. This ingenious product from Penguin United goes around the controller by transferring the button control functions over to a standard USB keyboard and mouse. By bringing the seamless and precise shooting experience of a PC game into the PS3, this converter will be a surefire favorite among fans of the shooting games.

With the Eagle Eye, you can even adjust mouse sensitivity and map out all PS3 buttons and left analog stick through the included software. It even has Programmable Macro Functions to turn any single key into a string of moves. The right analog stick is automatically assigned to mouse movements. Eagle Eye is compatible with all PS3 versions and games, it also supports firmware updates.

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