PeeWee Power Laptop has featured a lot of computers. We have shown laptops, desktops, netbooks, thin and lights, all-in-one, tablets, etc. However, there seems to be this new wave of geeky goodness. The one trend that many haven’t thought coming but already have started to show- kids becoming techy. I mean, all of the Fisher Price stuffs on the mall are electronic in terms of musicality and light games. Plus, there are a lot of scientist sets going on the internet. But now, there is also a laptop designed for kids who want to have the experience that their parents have on their portable computer.

The PeeWee Power Laptop (if the name isn’t a give away) is specifically made for kids and their careless hands. It has been rugged to endure a kid’s life. The construction is really durable and drop-proof so when your child’s little hands get lost of the handle, the laptop would be kept safe. Another is the spill-resistant keyboard which means safety from accidental spilled milk from dunking Oreos.

When you get this laptop, it is ready to work right out of the box! There is Windows XP pre-installed with Microsoft Works 9 that makes your kid empowered with all of the tasks that he/she has to do. Plus, a 2 megapixel camera is available so your child can get pictures of himself or his playmates while they ave fun with the PeeWee Power Laptop.

If you’re interested with the hardware, there is an Atom processor, 30GB HD space, 1GB RAM, WiFi, 4-cell battery, and an 8.9″ screen.

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