Party Rats Finger Lights

In a club, you most likely won’t have much lights aside from the blinding lasers and spotlights that blink endlessly towards everyone. Add a dancing pole and the show is sure to be away from you. Well it is not really a bad thing, but you certainly want to be in the circle of attention. While it is not expected that you have a whole lights system, having some little flash on your hand might bring some attention to you.

Give it up to the finger lights. These multi-colored thingiemajig would certainly call everyone’s attention. All you have to do is to go to a party and have all the fun that you want. When you’re a little drunk and ready to ditch all of your feelings to get into the center of attention, just wear these rat shaped finger ornaments and wave you hands in the air. Not really sure with the manufacturer’s choice of using rats, but each set comes with five colors – white, yellow, red, green, and blue.

Aside from partying, you can also use this for some night blogging! The manufacturer states that the product is “ideal” for bloggers. Just wear this and you have now little spotlights aimed at the keyboard so you don’t make typos when writing. Well that’s weird because you just need to turn on the lights and you see the full keyboard already. Maybe for vampire bloggers out there, this would work.

Get the Part Rats Finger Lights here!

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