Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter Directly Scans and Converts Print Photos to Digital Images without a PC

Perhaps printed photos are one of those that will always linger and will not diminish their worth even if digital technology dominates the earth. That’s why even if images are digitally stored in a PC or any multimedia device, getting them printed is still enjoyable. On the other hand, printed photos also have drawbacks in terms of sharing, storage, and preservation. So getting them digitally copied is equally important. With the new Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter, you can easily scan photos and convert to high quality images–all without the need for a PC connection.

The Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter is the latest addition to Pandigital’s line of scanners and does not require any specialized software. It can scan from wallet-sized up to 8 ½ x 11-inches large print photos with consistent image quality – thanks to the new integrated twin-roller feeding system. The Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter works by simply plugging it in; insert the photo through the device then press the button. The photo will be scanned and stored onto the included SD card. It also supports other memory cards like MS, MS Pro, MMS, XD, and can be directly connected to a Mac or PC through mini USB port to give more connectivity options. The Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter can provide 3800×7200 24-bit color depth resolution JPEG images by scanning up to 600 optical dpi.

With the dimension of 10.59(L) x 1.73(H) x 2.32(D) and weighing just less than a pound, this scanner/converter is indeed a portable device that can preserve once in a lifetime memories. It is now available and you can purchase Pandigital Photolink One-Touch PANSCN06 8.5-Inch x11-Inch Photo Scanner here.

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