Panasonic MW-20: Digital Picture Frame and iPod Dock for the Minimalists

The Panasonic MW-20 arrived just in time for those who are starting to live on their own and those who are trying to get so much from their hard earned money. The innovative gadget from the world’s leader in entertainment products offers a sleek and compact picture slide and iPod dock in one cool mini appliance. Either put it on top of your bigger appliance or make a small table on one of the corners in your condo for it!

The small and light Panasonic MW-20 comes complete with what you need to enjoy a slide of your favorite photos while listening to your favorite songs via your iPod. It comes in a 9-inch display that has a 2 GB internal memory for the already included SD card to keep photos in. You can also choose to load pictures right from your iPhone! That way, you only dock your iPhone and the slide starts showing your pictures right from the memory of the phone.

You can also play music videos among other things in the frame as it has an internal stereo speaker. You only need to get some compatible devices together for the task and you are now about to turn your digital frame photo frame into a music video display! You can also use other different display patterns in the frame that sums to 15 kinds. If you are taking pics via Lumix, the MW-20 is compatible with that cam so straight use is possible.

Truly, the Panasonic MW-20 is one gadget you don’t wanna miss this year—and its coming just in time for the Christmas bonus!

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