Pairing Up Your Nokia Phone with the Nokia Stylus SU-36 for the Ultimate in Style

So you’ve just got the latest Nokia phone, and you’re sure proud to show it to your friends. Too bad there isn’t a good stylus to pair it up with. Using your fingers to enter information on your phone via its capacitive touch screen will sure suffice, but wouldn’t it look awkward and wouldn’t it be uncomfortable, to say the least? You don’t want to waste the great style of your phone just because of the lack of a good stylus, do you? Take a look at the new Nokia Stylus SU-36.

The Stylus SU-36 is the ideal device for use when entering information and doing some tweaks on your Nokia phone’s setting through its capacitive touch screen. This device is both utilitarian and portable. It’s easy to use without involving any complicated method. It is also collapsible and is equipped with a strap that allows it to be easily attached to your phone once you’re done using it, so it will look just like any of the accessories that you love to attach to your mobile device.

The Nokia Stylus SU-36 is compatible with three new Nokia models: the Nokia N8, Nokia X6 16GB, and the Nokia X6 32GB. If you don’t have any of the said models, no need to worry because it’s also compatible with other phones: Apple (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS), Blackberry (9500), HTC (G1 Google, Hero A6262, and Magic), LG (GC 900, KF900, and KM900 Arena), and other devices with capacitive touch capabilities. If you’re looking for another stylus, you can also find the Nokia Stylus SU-35 at Amazon.

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