Pad-Dock: Turn your iPhone into an iPad Instantly

Navigate an array of applications using the touch of your finger, surf the web in a best viewing screen, manage your emails in a very convenient way, watch TV shows, music videos, high-definition movies and so on… These are just some of the exciting features an iPad can drool you. With that, most would go to cutting their expenses just to save money and buy this new Apple device. Here’s a good news! Obviously, a lot of features of iPad can also be found in iPhone so why not turn your iPhone into an iPad!

The Pad-Dock will let you enjoy an iPad experience using your iPhone by simply and cleverly enlarging the viewing dimension to the similar size of an iPad. That means you can check your emails, watch HD videos, view photos, connect to cyberspace, and many more using a magnified touchscreen. It is ergonomically designed to let you conveniently use it anywhere.

To use this device, simply put the iPhone at the back of the iPad wherein the mobile device is magnified onto the touchscreen. It’s that so simple, you now have an instant iPad! You can enjoy using your iPhone applications but all in a better and larger screen. Never worry of losing the battery in a less period of time because the iPad will not bring down your pleasure time since it can last up to 22 hours by full battery charge. The included adapter and cable let the iPad charge either using a wall plug or USB.

Turn your iPhone into an iPad now!

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