Outperform the Competition – Mercury Extreme Pro SSD

Hard drives are like super cars – you want them to be bigger, faster and fuel or energy efficient. And if hard drives are like super cars, then the new Mercury Extreme Pro solid state drive from Other World Computing is most likely to be the Ferrari 599 electric hybrid. The Mercury Extreme Pro SSD is larger, faster and greener than most market competitors. The only difference with the Ferrari is that this one won’t burn a $300,000.00 hole on your pocket.
So how big is the newest SSD from OWC? Well, it could go as low as 60GB for the budget conscious and as high as 480GB for the more extreme enthusiast. That translates to the highest drive capacity for an SSD on the market today. And that’s just the entrée. The main course – 7% over-provisioning for highest data reliability, 285MB/s transfer speed guaranteed not to degrade overtime, thanks to the use of Block Management and Wear Leveling technologies and finally up to 100x data protection thru SandForce DuraClass technology. For dessert, how about an energy efficient power consumption less than 1/7th used by other similar competing products. The new Mercury Extreme Pro Solid State Drive is THE hard drive of today, a perfect solution for boot drives and applications requiring extreme performance.

All OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD’s are now market ready ranging from $219.99, $379.99, $699.99 and $1,579.99, for 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB models respectively.

View more OWC Mercury Pro options here.

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