Otamatone Electronic Instrument – The Musical Instrument with a Face

Are you delighted with music? Do you love the idea of learning how to play a musical instrument? If yes, then why not look at some of the best musical instruments available in the market? There are so many options, waiting for you to explore. But if you are looking for something funny or weird, then what you need is a musical instrument with a face. Don’t want to believe me? Yes, there is a musical instrument with a face and it’s straight from Japan. It’s called the Otamatone Electronic Instrument.

The Otamatone Electronic Instrument works by sliding your finger up and down the stem to change the pitch. Then, if you want vibrato, simply squeeze its cheeks. It has three pitch levels and two volume levels, so you’ll sure have fun squeezing and sliding your fingers up and down of this instrument to hear its musical effects. And since it comes with a face, expect everyone that comes along your way to take a second glance as you play this musical gadget.

This wacky, adorable, and distinctive musical instrument really makes a great companion for a music lover like you. But if you are not too musically-inclined, you can always give this as gadget gift to a friend or loved one. It only costs $34.99, so that’s not too heavy on your budget.

Take note: batteries for this gadget are 3 AAA which you need to buy separately. And it only measures approximately 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 10.75″, so getting one is no hassle like the other bigger musical instruments around.

Get the Otamatone Electronic Instrument now!

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