OreObject SPHEREtouch – A Trendy, Durable, and Innovative Mouse

Do you want a computer mouse with a design like you’ve never seen before? Good news, the OreObject has just launched a revolutionary handmade mouse that boasts innovative, touch-sensitive buttons that are less stressful on the user’s fingers compared to the traditional mouse we are using today. Called the SPHEREtouch, this mouse is OreObject’s flagship product in its premier line of personal computing peripherals.
The SPHEREtouch comes with modern touch-sensitive buttons and a vertical button placement to let your finger hang down freely when you don’t need button actuation. While the usual mouse that we are using these days needs force from the finger every time you need to click a button, the SPHEREtouch mouse just requires a little tapping motion to do the same task.

Designed creatively and innovatively, this mouse offers a very luxurious design. The materials used in it are carefully selected to make sure that the SPHEREtouch will deliver both outstanding functionality and remarkable durability. This is made from medical-grade stainless steel enclosure that provides it with a solid feel combined with quality ceramic feet. Despite its construction and the materials making it up, this mouse will give you a feeling of weightlessness when used on smooth surfaces.

This special spherical mouse is available in three different metal choices – platinum, steel, and titanium. It is compatible with both MAC and Windows operating systems. With its features, you are allowed to scroll through big documents and web pages without exerting too much effort. It also lets you zoom in and out of applications like Google Earth.

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