Orange Power Wellies: Charging Your Phone with Energy from Your Feet

How do you like charging your mobile phone using energy that you yourself have generated? If you’re attending the Glastonbury Festival this year, you’ll have the chance to experience just that with the Orange Power Wellies.

What are these new green innovations? Well, these are simply pairs of boots that you wear as you go about with your activities during the festival. While you do so, the soles of the boots collect heat that you can use to charge your mobile phone later on. The Power Wellies are products of the collaboration between Orange and GotWind.

How do they work? The power-generating soles in the boots collect heat through what is called a Seebeck effect. Inside the soles are thermocouples sandwiched between a couple of ceramic wafers. The foot collects heat while you walk around. When this heat interacts with the cold from the ground, the interaction creates electricity. Twelve hours of walking around can generate electricity that is capable of charging your phone for an hour. And if you do more strenuous activities like dancing, your feet will collect more heat and you can generate more electricity. All you need to do is simply plug your mobile phone into the power output on the top portion of the welly and your phone will be charged.

The Orange Power Wellies are part of the yearly eco-friendly mobile charging innovations created by Orange specifically for the Glastonbury Festival. With these new innovations, you don’t need to put up with dead mobile phone batteries due to loss of your charger or due to the absence of a power outlet.

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