Optical Illusion LED Watch

Do you find optical illusion puzzles fun to decipher? Do you love cool, unique, and weird gadgets that present a certain challenge to the user? Are you in for a new experience with your timepiece? If all three questions elicited an eager yes from you, then check out this new concept design – the Optical Illusion LED watch by the Tokyoflash Design Studio!

This LED watch design is a challenge to your eyesight and to everybody else’s. At first glance, all you will see on its screen is a series of green and black lines appearing to form an undecipherable maze. Lying within the maze, however, is a combination of numbers that will tell you what time of the day it is. If you can train your eyes to read among all those lines, then you are an optical illusion genius! If you can’t however, which just makes you an average mortal being like most of us are, then you can press the button on the watch and the numbers will emerge out of the green and black lines to tell you the time in plain sight.

The Optical Illusion LED watch is not only a gadget for geeks and OI (optical illusion) experts; it is also perfect for those who consider themselves trendsetters. It has a sophisticated-looking black strap, and the green and black lines on the display make for an out-of-this-world and a sort of scientific look that’s screaming modern and one-of-a-kind. Wow your friends with it or give it to a geek friend who will surely enjoy its unique concept!

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