OpenPeak Partners with AT&T for the OpenTablet7

Thanks to CTIA Wireless 2010 – a lot of tech goodness from carriers such as AT&T are being released in a grand manner. Some are already available for purchase while some are vaguely describe as “to be available later this year”. One of those “later this year” gadgets is the OpenTablet7.

The OpenTablet7 is OpenPeak’s answer to the boom of tablet computers brought about by the iPad. While Apple’s tablet computer is about to be released in the market in about a week, this baby isn’t getting out yet until around November – the holiday shopping craze might be a reason. Another factor could be to allow a wait-and-see period for OpenPeak to probably upgrade its offering according to the public demand.

Anyway, the OpenTablet7 will be a convergence of multimedia and communications device. The partnership with AT&T will provide access to the fastest 3G network. This partnership will not only mean cellular data transfer, but also on WiFi and even voice and messaging services.

The tablet will only weigh 1.15 pounds and about half an inch thick or 0.59″ to be exact. The 7” glass touch screen goodness would provide access to applications such as web browser, music player, video player, contacts, and other downloadable apps in the future. There will be an integrated high definition camera for video capture of still pictures. Home management capability is an added feature of the OpenTablet7. It would serve as an all-in-one dashboard for control freaks who wants to monitor household information such as electricity usage and even control the thermostat.

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