Ooma Bluetooth Adapter: Integrating Your Mobile Phone with Your Home Phone

Are you an Ooma Telo Premier Subscriber? If you are, Ooma has one good news for you—the introduction of the Ooma Bluetooth Adapter!

This Bluetooth adapter is but a small device, but it packs a lot of convenience and benefits. It can merge your home phone and your mobile phone so that you’ll be able to take your mobile calls on your Telo home phones when you’re home. The Bluetooth adapter comes with an earpiece, and all you have to do to use it is to plug the adapter on your Telo unit and link your mobile phone and the earpiece to it, to activate the system. When the system is already activated, you can easily transfer your home phone calls to your Bluetooth headset or transfer your mobile calls to your home phone. When your mobile phone rings, you can answer it via any phone in your home. And when your home phone rings and you’re nowhere near it, you can answer the call as long as you have the earpiece with you and as long as you’re within 30 feet in range. Now, ain’t that neat? And with the system’s innovative construction, you’re always guaranteed of good reception. Plus, you can easily connect or pair as many as 7 devices to the Bluetooth adapter.

Right now, the Ooma Bluetooth Adapter is only available to all Ooma Telo Premier subscribers. You can find it through Ooma’s site, priced at $29.95. Or, you may want to take a look at a similar Bluetooth adapter at Amazon.

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