Okoro GX Series Media Systems Goes Apple

Here’s an interesting trivia – what has a high performance solid state drive, 2-4TB of 6Gb/s SATA Media Storage, next generation USB 3.0 interface, Intel core i7 processor and comes in a brushed aluminum Marantz styled audio visual enclosure? The new Okoro Media Systems 2010 GX Series Media Servers. What’s better? An Okoro GX Series Media Center PC that ships with an Apple iPad. Yes you heard it right; the new Okoro GX series will be shipping with an iPad to serve as your multi-zone audio control. Talk about one expensive and classy remote.

The GX HTPC’s main feature is its multi-zone audio control that allows you to play back internet radio, mp3s and music library in the system, or on an iPod in multiple rooms or different areas of the house. If you’re into multi tasking then it’s good to know that you can use the muti-zone audio functions while recording 4 HD programs or playing Blu-ray movies in another room at the same time. And those are all in digital Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Now that’s generous.

The new 2010 GX line of OMS Digital Entertainment Systems also additionally comes with the following:

• Windows 7 64bit operating system on SSD
• Quad CableCARD technology for recording of HD premium content using
• Remote configuration/support for customers and authorized dealers
• A must take advantage of Trade-in/Upgrade Program until July 31st.

More on Okoro Digital Entertainment Systems here.

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