Okideoke Karaoke Microphone – For a Budding Singing Superstar!

So you think your child has what it takes to be a star? With the current music technology released in the market these days, all it takes is for your kid to have a pretty face and presto! He or she can be the next superstar. Now, there are devices that can be used in dubbing in and auto-tuning everything. In fact, not all performers really sing live in their concerts. Most of them just dance to the beat of the music and move their mouth so it seems like their singing live. But the truth is, it’s just their recording that’s being played.

Of course, you don’t want your child superstar to be one of them, right? You want her to be known because of her amazing voice and not because she’s just beautiful and she knows how to make everyone believe that she’s singing live. If you want to make her the next singing sensation, you better start training her while she’s still young. What a better way to do that than to use an Okidoke Karaoke Microphone. This is a colorful microphone that’s designed to amplify your kid’s voice. Made for kiddos aged 18 months and up, this microphone comes with eight prerecorded classic children’s tunes to sing along with. It can also record your kid’s performance.

The Okidoke karaoke microphone has controls that enable your talented little angel to speed up or slow down the tempo for every performance. It needs three AAA batteries which is already included when you purchase this microphone. With its good packaging, you can even give it as gift during Christmas and kid’s birthdays. Click here and purchase an Okidoke Karaoke Microphone now!

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