Nyko Raven PS3 Controller: Ergonomic Design + Soft Feel Surface = Ultimate Gaming Comfort

When it comes to winning your favorite online game in your PS3, every small thing counts—from your playing environment down to the controller that you use to play. Nyko has designed a game controller for amateur and veteran players alike. Wireless and equipped with full convenience-oriented features, the Nyko Raven playstation 3 controller will meet all your gaming demands.

The wireless feature of the Raven will allow you to play for up to 25 feet away from the main unit. This is made possible with the USB dongle through which the controller connects to your playstation. And for greater control, the controller also features fully analog buttons and motion-sensing control sticks (256 degrees of sensitivity). Add the built in Rumble and Multi-Axis directional into the mix and you can be sure of a superior gaming experience. And, no matter how tough things get inside your virtual world, you’re guaranteed that you won’t get distracted because the device has an ergonomic design coupled with angle triggered buttons that ensure a no-slip grip. So, play all you want without the distraction caused by a slipping controller. The body of the Raven is further covered with the so-called Soft Feel Surface, so you get not only a secure but a soft and comfortable grip as well.

Other than all these, the Raven Motion Sensing Wireless Controller for PS3 (Standard Layout) will give you a straight day of playing time with the 25-hour playtime capacity of its lithium-ion battery. Once the power is depleted, you can recharge the battery using either a mini USB cable or the Charge Base 2 from Nyko.

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