NX10 Gets the 1.20 Firmware Update

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced that the NX10 finally gets a firmware upgrade that will make every shot the perfect picture. This upgrade is going to make the mirrorless camera compatible with the i-Function lens technology of the brand. All NX system lenses in the future will then be featuring this technology, making all common shooting controls easier and quicker.

The 1.20 firmware upgrade for NX10 that makes it compatible with the i-Function lens is not a short-term effect. It will benchmark the making of NX’s with i-Function lens technologies already embedded in the cam. The result will be convenient control of the camera lenses right at the lenses, making every shot quicker and customized as preferred. This capability will be available in the presence of a function soft button. A touch will activate common controls in shooting like the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance while doing the shoot. A graphical cue displays on the screen and the all parameters will be shown on the screen. Rotating the manual lens will then change the values shown on the screen.

This firmware upgrade will be compatible to all other comprehensive and innovative camera lenses and accessories for the NX10. This will include the already available 20-50mm compact zoom lens and the 20mm wide angle Pancake lens. Both will be compatible to the firmware update since they are with the Updated Graphic User Interface (GUI) that actually supports the i-Function lens technology. There is also the GPS tracker that makes tagging on the photo easy. This will also make sorting of photos by location easy.

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