Now, Say What?

Is there a time in your life wherein you found yourself in serious trouble or in an obnoxious civil war just because you’ve said things in the wrong order? Perhaps, many of us have been through this. Whether we admit it or not, there are times when we need to find and use the right form of words before letting them slip out of your tongue. Good news, Say What? is now offered to help you avoid getting into the same trouble again.

This is a talking hands-on electronic game that tells you a pop culture phrase that’s not in order. You can rearrange the five word balls until you got or the game calls out the correct phrase. It hence allows you to practice unjumbling not just some of the famous sayings and phrases but also the infamous ones. And you can do all this to your heart’s content!

Pre-stored in this educational device are 300 pop culture phrases from movies, music, TV, and the likes. It offers five shuffle modes and three skill levels to help you twist the phrases. This gadget is perfect for the whole family or for a group of friends because it features full electronic scoring that keeps check of who’s great in untwisting the English phrase. You surely will enjoy the challenge of shuffling the balls to be able to get the pop culture phrase. It sure is a challenging game because it is timed and for each round, the time gets lower. After every try, the device will tell you how many words are already in order and how many are still out of order.

Isn’t it interesting? If you’re fascinated in such game, you can get Say What at Amazon for only $24.99.

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