Nova DSLR Takes The Lighter Side of Photography

Think of a DSLR. What might come into your head is a big chunky camera that amateurs and professionals use for some creative output of theirs (or boring repetitive job at a photo studio). Now think of a compact camera or even your cellphone camera. You probably are thinking about the camera that you personally use on parties, hanging out with friends, or even for taking pictures of yourself for your Facebook profile. The main reason is that both DSLR and a point and shoot really are two different things but does the same job of taking a picture. This concept camera on the other hand tries to ease the separation between the two by changing how users will use a DSLR.

The biggest change here is how the camera is held. Usually, using an SLR means having a strap on the neck with one hand having a grip on the sides and one below. On Nova, the user will use both hands holding the handle that could only remind me of pruning shears. The weight is also significantly reduced with only the “arms” and the center lens taking weight so portability is also considered. The grip of the camera also has the control buttons that can easily be pressed by the fingers. Furthermore, you can take pictures like you do with your cellphone or take videos like on a compact video cam since the arms move around the center lens.

This DSLR would surely entice more amateurs to try out photography especially with the design moving away from being too professional looking.

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