Nokero Solar Light Bulb: Affordable and Safe Lighting Within Everybody’s Reach

Light plays a very important role in the life of many individuals and families. It is with this knowledge that we grieve for people in some developing countries who are deprived of light, and for those who still need to spend a lot just to have light in their homes. And, it is also with this same knowledge that we welcome with gratitude innovations aimed at helping these people get out of darkness. New discoveries such as Nokero’s solar light bulb are welcome innovations.

The solar light bulb is specifically designed to address the needs of people who still use fossil-fuel lanterns for their lighting needs. Fossil fuels are not only expensive; they’re also dangerous to the environment and human health because of the carbon dioxide that they emit and the greater possibility of fire risks associated with their use. The Nokero solar bulb is less expensive because you can simply charge it out in the sun to give it power. A whole day of charging can yield two hours of lighting use, while a full charge can give you double the amount of light (up to four hours). Charging is done with the help of the four solar panels in the bulb. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than a couple of years. The bulb is about the size of an incandescent bulb and is rain-proof. It’s made from impact-resistant plastic materials and comes with five LEDs.

The Nokero solar light bulb is an effective solution to the lighting needs of many individuals. If you check online, you’ll also find a line-up of solar light bulb at Amazon, each designed to preserve the environment and help families.

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