No Scratch Swatch Watch by Allan George: Adventuring in Style

In your own experience, how long does it approximately take for a new watch to lose its appeal to you? A month or two, or half a year perhaps? Watches are among a person’s essentials that usually wear easily. This is especially true among individuals engaged in tough activities that subject the hands and wrist area to harsh conditions. As a result, even the most stylish of watches look old and bland fast. Well, not anymore with the No Scratch Swatch Watch concept by Allan George!

This new concept watch is crafted to look great and to maintain that look for a long time, all thanks to the watch’s design which is aimed at optimum durability. Unlike most watches with pure glass face (and that’s where most of the scratches usually land), this watch features a face made from plastic with a rubber finish. Only the edge of the face is made of glass to be able to allow you to see the hands of the watch as they rotate. The strap of the watch is made from metal, but this is also coated with rubber. This construction makes the watch resistant to scratches and other forms of damage. Plus, the metal in the strap makes adjusting of strap tightness easier. Additionally, the hands of the watch are phosphorescent in nature and they match the color of the trimming on the watch strap, keeping the style interesting.

This No Scratch Swatch Watch concept by Allan George is perfect for individuals maintaining an active and adventurous lifestyle. It promises durability that you won’t find in most watches today, and style that will capture the fancy of young and old alike.

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