Newest Iron Man Collectible: The Iron Man 2 Arc Reactor Shirt

Are you an Iron Man fan? If you are, you’ll surely love the newest Iron Man collectibles that you’ll find in the market today. If you want the world to know that Iron Man’s your hero, or if you simply want to have the feel of super hero while you’re trapped inside your human body, here’s something for you: the Iron Man 2 arc reactor shirt!

This cool T-shirt is perfect for all Iron Man fans out there. It’s a black shirt made from Gildan Ultra cotton, with the interior part of the shirt being flexible and the exterior part being made from knitted cotton. The main feature of this new Iron Man shirt is the white and blue arc reactor you’ll find printed on its chest area. It’s a very realistic imitation of the Mark IX version arc reactor. And while it’s cool enough to look at in broad daylight, it looks even catchier at night as it glows in the dark. If you’re watching the Iron Man in the cinema, there’s nothing cooler than having this T-shirt to flaunt to other moviegoers. Now, that’s what you’d call getting into the Iron Man spirit!

The Iron Man 2 arc reactor shirt is available for men and ladies. The shirts are pre-shrunk, so you know you’ll have no problem even when you wash them. They’re available in various sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL (with XXXL available for men). You can find this T-shirt at here, and you can get it either for personal use or as a gift to a friend who’s a die-hard Iron Man fan.

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