New Panasonic 8GB and 16GB UHS-I SDHC Cards – Familiar Brand, New Standard

Panasonic is not showing any sign of falling behind the memory card wars with the release of their latest 8GB and 16GB High-Speed SDHC UHS-I Memory Cards – the RP-SDY08G and RP-SDY16G respectively. The UHS-I is the new higher-speed standard for Bus interface set by the SD Association as part of the SD Memory Card Specification Ver.3.01. This new standard provides up to 104MB/s performance. Both new memory cards will sport maximum data transfer speed of up to 60MB/s and Class10 speed specification. With the ultra-fast read speeds of up to 60MB/s, the 8GB and 16GB Memory Cards can transfer data to a PC twice as fast as or even faster than Panasonic’s current Memory Cards models. With Class 10 speed specification, these cards also provide stable writing performance to ensure dependable 3D and full HD video recording.

Like the high-end Gold model memory cards from Panasonic, both the RP-SDY08G and RP-SDY16G features a Super Intelligent Controller (SICS) which automatically cleans up accumulated errors therefore extending card life while delivering high-level data protection. The new SDHC memory cards also feature a TÃœV Rheinland – Certified Power Failure Protection function that automatically retrieves data during power failure thus effectively preserving important data. Another great feature is the Smart Data Writing that levels out the rewrite frequency on every writing area of the card to prevent accidental over-writing in a specific area. In doing so, it effectively reduces the failure risk of the card.

Purchase Panasonic SDHC Memory Cards here.

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