New Multi-Screen Display System from Sharp

Sharp Corporation is proud to announce its newly-developed multi-screen display system that’s recognized for achieving the world’s thinnest system frame width of 6.5mm. The said display system will be released in the Japanese market August of this year. Built on the new PN-V601 60V-inch professional LCD monitor, which is aimed to make the seams between bezels unobtrusive and make way for large multi-screen displays. The width of bezels between adjacent displays is 6.5mm. This allows practical applications like single large-screen video wall displays and makes new possibilities in presentation spaces that can’t be achieved through conventional methods.

The system’s PN-V601 comes with a full-array LED backlight. These LED elements are arranged in an evenly spaced line to achieve uniform brightness. This results to even brightness in the display area when making multi-screen configurations. When you combine the optional PN-ZR01 Control Kit with multiple PN-V601 LCD monitors, you will have the ability to control all displays via a single remote control unit. The unit also promises high energy efficiency by controlling the brightness of the backlight through a brightness sensor in order to match the lighting at the installation location.

You can also choose to avail the optional Interface Expansion Board which offers additional inputs including component video, DVI-D, and LAN. Sharp won’t stop in this unit. It will continue to build remarkable, one-of-a-kind units based on the company’s proprietary LCD technologies. This company will also work to put up network-based content distribution systems which deliver optimum solutions to meet the demands of its customers.

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