New Generation Seiko E-Ink Watch with Active Matrix System

Have you heard about the world’s first “Electronic Ink” watch which was unveiled by Seiko in 2005? This gizmo is outfitted with a display that was super thin and with high contrast, providing users with much higher visibility from wider angle which is almost 180 degrees. Called the “E-Ink,” this watch needs low level of power despite its huge display. These days, SEIKO brings this amazing technology into a new age with its new watch that features an active matrix display.

SEIKO takes pride in being not just the first but also the only company that’s capable of harnessing Active Matrix EPD technology in a watch. EPD, which stands for Electrophoretic Display, is a way of display employing electronic ink technology. Aside from EPD technology, this new thingy from SEIKO comes with strikingly clear display which shows off information three times better than any other technology included in conventional LCD watches. By integrating such system, the watch is able to display text, figures, and graphics on the dial in a smoother and programmable manner.

Unlike other watches with full-sized screens, power consumption of the new generation Seiko E-Ink Watch has been reduced considerably. The company made it possible because of three innovations such as the A TFT, which deals with the signal to the display; the low-energy IC which is used to control the TFT; and EPD driver which takes full advantage of the capabilities of E-Ink technology. This new SEIKO watch comes with a large-sized panel which has been made possible by reducing the dimensions of the surrounding area.

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