NETGEAR Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit

As you might know, a wired connection is still more stable than wireless. You might have encountered that your house isn’t really very suitable to wireless internet connection. You might have lots of walls or the construction of the whole house isn’t just wireless friendly. Though running ethernet cables all over your home isn’t ideal and not to mention costly, you should rather let your internet connection move through your electrical lines. This is what powerline networking does and Netgear has the tool for you to use.

The Powerline AV 500 is a very effective networking device to transfer massive amount of data right where you want it. This networking product is perfect for HDTVs, Blu-ray players, DVRs, PCs, and game consoles. With its maximum data rate of 500Mbps, you will be nuts to have this maxed out and still want more. This fast data rate allows transmission of Blu-ray quality videos to multiple TVs or entertainment devices all at the same time. With the powerline technology, this networking kit has a typical coverage of 5,000 squarefoot which is definitely wide as compared to what a router can do.

For every purchase, you get two adapters. For example, you connect one adapter to your internet modem. You can then go anywhere in your home and just connect another adapter to the power outlet and you’re ready to surf the internet.

NETGEAR has added green features such as automatic switch off when not in use and turning off of LED lights.

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