NEC MultiSync E231W LED Monitor: Watch While Being Eco-friendly

It is true that looks can be deceiving since people normally react based on what the eyes literally see. When it comes to monitors, those that display high quality images and videos are the most preferred. But that’s not the whole story is all about. It always entails one question. Does the high quality display mean high amount of electric bills too? This is what the NEC MultiSync E231W supersedes other monitors available today.
The NEC MultiSync E231W is a 23-inch widescreen LCD monitor that guarantees 35% less power consumption. This is because it utilizes LED backlight technology that can match the brightness quality of other panel type monitors but in a lesser amount of energy. Aside from that, it radiates less heat, has uncomplicated packaging, and weighs less. The NEC MultiSync E231W is an eco-friendly desktop monitor, removing hazardous components in its manufacturing like mercury, halogen and arsenic. Moreover, it also utilizes recycled plastics during the production process. In terms of features, it has an ECO Mode function and ambient light sensor that manually or automatically adjusts the brightness level of the E231W. With the carbon footprint meter, the green gas emissions can be easily tracked and calculated. To offer a more relaxing viewing experience, it has a Dynamic Video Mode that enhances video and images by optimizing brightness, color and contrast in real-time. The viewing time is even improved with the 4-way ergonomic design that lets you pivot, tilt, swivel or adjust the monitor up to 110mm height. The contrast ratio is 25,000:1 which can provide clear and crisp images and even texts.

Other features include cable management, digital smoothing, 5-preset AccuColor control, DDC/CI, Plug and Play, OSC user control, and off-timer. The NEC MultiSync E231W earned an EPEAT Gold and is compatible using Windows 7.

Purchase a NEC Widescreen LCD Monitor here.

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