Neato Robotics XV 11: Intelligence and Power for Keeping Your Home Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home can be tough, especially with a full-time job, a bunch of kids, and many other activities thrown in the mix. What you need to help you keep everything neat is a powerful and reliable cleaning assistance. Check out the new Neato Robotics XV 11!

The XV 11 is an intelligent and powerful cleaning buddy that will save your time and energy. It can clean your home on its own without requiring a lot of monitoring on your part. It will also cover the entire floor of your home, even the corners and the areas close to the walls. How does the part accomplish that? Well, the XV 11 features a laser mapping system that can create a map of your floor area – considering your furniture, the doorways, the walls, and the stairs. Once the map is created, it then starts cleaning in a straight line, avoiding all the mentioned obstacles above. The device has the ability to update its map, so it keeps track of whatever arrangement changes you do at home. Plus, its low profile also allows the part to clean under furniture like chairs without getting stuck.

Other than being smart, the device is also efficient. It can remove all kinds of dirt, even the tiniest ones like pet hair. It has a centrifugal compression impeller that guarantees high-powered suction. Plus, it’s compatible with different floor types: tile, carpet, hardwood, stone, linoleum, Pergo, and even rugs. You’ll find a similar Robot Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon, although the technology used by the Neato Robotics XV 11 remains unbeatable.

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