My Passport AV – For Smoother Video Playback, Light-Weight Storage, and More

Still having problems storing videos from your compatible camcorder? Do you still transfer videos using your computer, then delete them after from your recorder to record more? And are you looking for a device that provides not only a smoother video playback but also a light-weight storage? If you answer yes to all these, then it’s time to get My Passport AV – the portable media drive that is perfect for video storage and smooth playback on TV.

My Passport AV has three major highlights – the WD hard drive designed for the audio/video market, the easy transfer and storage of files from compatible camcorder, and the convenience of connecting it to other devices. This device is optimized for video storage and playback mainly because of its WD hard drive. It’s highly-reliable since it: 1. stays cool even in a hot entertainment center, 2. uses less power to operate so it can work with compatible AV devices without the need for a power adapter, and 3. delivers optimized streaming for smooth video playback. It’s also designed to be a light-weight storage companion for your camcorder, so no more hassle of transfering videos using your computer and deleting them after to record more. And if you want to see your videos, music, and photos on your TV, simply connect this device to your gaming console, Blu-ray disc player, or WD TV media player and you’re ready to go.

So it’s time to end your search for a device that will provide you smoother playback and light-weight storage. Get the Western Digital My Passport AV 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Media Drive WDBABS3200ABK-NESN (Black) at Amazon for only $79.99 now!

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