Musical Piano Tie – When Geeks Want to Have Some Fun

Did you ever feel envious of those people who play the piano so well? And did you ever dreamed of playing that instrument one day and be applauded by the crowd? If you no longer have time to take piano lessons, why not show your love for this musical instrument by wearing it? Yes, we mean wearing it. How? Through the Musical Piano Tie. While novelty piano ties aren’t new on the market anymore, this one stands out because it allows you to tickle those ivories and plink out a tune.

All you need is to simply clip this funky yet stylish piece of accessory to your collar. Any time you feel like you want to bring some music, you just have to press the printed keys. The said tie features eight piano keys running from ‘C’ to ‘C’. Yes, that’s exactly the number of notes you get, with every key producing a diverse note. At the top, you’ll find a ‘Knot’ where the tie clips onto your shirt. Such knot encloses a speaker where the sound of the piano comes from.

While it’s true that eight piano notes won’t allow you to play out some Beethoven, they are enough for you to play simple tunes that could take away your boredom and satisfy your hunger to play the piano. This remarkable musical piano tie also makes a great gift for your husband or your kids. You can also give this to someone you know who loves piano. Let this Musical Piano Tie amaze you! Click here and purchase one now.

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